Surgery Residency Programs

The ACVS announced in early 2014 that all programs training residents, existing and new, will need to apply for and receive "registered" status from ACVS. It is important that applicants and programs review the information at

How Does This Impact the VIRMP?

The ACVS will notify institutions/practices regarding the status of their application for registration around May 1, 2015, after Match Day. This means institutions/practices will submit surgery residency positions to the VIRMP, applicants will apply to those residency positions and the results of the match will be known before the ACVS notification occurs. Thus, an applicant could be matched to a surgery residency on Match Day that does not receive "registered" status by the ACVS in May when that information is released.

What Happens if a Residency Program advertised in the VIRMP Does Not Obtain "Registered" Status?

Failure to receive "registered" status for a surgery residency program means time spent by a resident in that program, while it is not "registered", does not count toward requirements for an ACVS approved residency. For that reason, if an applicant is matched to a surgery residency program that subsequently is notified that the program has not received "registered" status, the applicant is not bound by VIRMP Guidelines to accept the match. Likewise, if an institution/practice that advertises a surgery residency program in the VIRMP fails to achieve "registered" status, that institution/practice is not obligated to offer a surgery residency to a matched applicant.